LAT Water Limited

About LAT Water

LAT Water Limited is a British technology company set up to develop and implement new approaches to renewable energy powered desalination, water and waste water treatment. We have received five increasingly large awards totaling nearly two million pounds for innovative technology development from the UK Government. Our management is a mixture of experienced international staff who share a common passion for delivery of sustainable solutions to the water crisis facing the planet.

We have so far developed three variants – units capable of handling up to 2 m3 per day, 20 m3per day, and 75 m3per day - for desalination or water/waste water treatment facility powered by renewable energy or low grade waste heat. The fresh water is extracted at a lower cost than any existing technologies, in a sustainable manner with a low carbon footprint.

The company has been awarded the EU Seal of Excellence for sustainable environmental technologies. The underlying technology and processes are covered by seven international patents with other patents pending.

Units have been sold to customers in the UK and China.

It is the commitment of the Company to operate in a carbon neutral fashion and we shall be keeping a set of “carbon accounts”.