LAT Water Limited

Waste Water/Desalination Advantages

Some basic facts and advantages about the process:

The water

  • No pretreatment of the input water is needed
  • No chemical posttreatment of water needed
  • Can operate in high salinity waters
  • The water produced is pure distilled water; no contaminants, bacteria or suspended particles are present
  • No boron contaminants unlike reverse osmosis
  • A remineralisation and ultraviolet disinfection system can be provided to achieve the correct balance of minerals and ensure safe storage for long periods

The operations

  • A low temperature (maximum 70 °C - 95 °C) is used for the evaporation
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access for cleaning and repairs
  • Automatic operation and remote monitoring
  • Facility is fast to erect and install
  • The systems are modular and can be simply sized to meet the customer needs

The environment

  • Condenser system designed to recover energy
  • Low energy input required for operation
  • No need to be connected to the electrical grid. The system can be run from photovoltaic cells or a small generator
  • Low carbon footprint gives the opportunity to generate carbon credits
  • No harmful discharges – the only waste is naturally sea brine. Prior to discharge this is mixed with seawater to leave minimal environmental impact