LAT Water Limited


LAT Water has developed a new portable waste water treatment unit that has minimal commissioning time and can handle even the most difficult feed waters on the market such as leachate and contaminated industrial waste water.

Similar to the larger versions of the unit the MicroLAT™ makes use of an evaporation and a condensation tower to precipitate out the product water, producing approximately 1m3 of product water per day. The MicroLAT™ is able to run and test water samples from client sites to best determine which large-scale unit will be suitable to handle the water composition. Thanks to the portable design the unit is also placed directly at the client’s location and runs feedwater for a trial period to better understand the local requirements.

The MicroLAT™ unit is contained in a 20ft container and has the ability to be shipped and trucked virtually anywhere in the world. Similar to the larger scale units it has the ability to be controlled remotely. There is also the additional option to go “off the grid” and have the unit powered by Solar panels for areas that may not have a waste heat or electricity source readily available.

The MicroLAT™ unit will also be used as an emergency relief drinking water supply for areas that have been affected by natural disasters.